Mykolaiv is a southern coastal city in Ukraine. Mykolaiv has endured great hardships because of this war. The residents of the city have been without clean water for six months now. Experts believe that Russia cut the power supply last April.

Satellite pictures also suggest the same thing. They show that Russian authorities forcefully destroyed the pipeline. This is a grave crime by Russia. The act of destroying resources vital for civilians is an international-level crime. It is a violation of international humanitarian law. But Russia is Russia.

Russia continues to target the energy resources of Ukraine. Ukraine has seen many power and water shortages in the last few weeks. But the case of Mykolaiv does seem extreme here. Mykolaiv is close to the front line. It is prone to shelling and repeat attacks by Russia.

Despite this, the residents have to go out into the open to get clean drinking water. It is dangerous, as a Russian attack can come from anywhere. They are deliberately exposing themselves to get basic amenities. Residents of Mykolaiv get what ‘technical’ water in their homes. But it is very salty and greenish-brown in color. They can not use it for cooking or drinking.

The problem with the water supply started in April. Russian authorities destroyed the only pipeline to Mykolaiv for water supply. A news outlet from Ukraine published the photos also. Many independent news organizations have verified this claim.

The pipeline got blown at its weakest point. The pipe got broken on April 12. After that, the pipeline leaked for around eight hours. This led to an estimated loss of 40 million liters of water. This also led to flooding in the surrounding regions. Various satellite images confirm this.

Experts claim that an explosive charge was deliberately at the weakest point. There are no signs of shelling or the use of other explosive weapons near the site of damage. Further satellite images reveal that one more portion of the pipeline got destroyed.

Credits: BBC

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