A group of left-winged democrats recently withdrew a letter. The democrats are from the US Congress. The letter was about a negotiated settlement within the war. The progressive alliance also came forward to say that the message was being miscommunicated. This is in connection to concerns within the Republican party. It also seems they want to stop sending aid to Kyiv.

Pramila Jaypal is the Chairwoman. She said that the letter got drafted “months ago”. She also said the letter was not “vetted” before the staff released it. This came before the US midterm elections. The letter led to a lot of backlashes.

The letter became public on Monday. It signed in June so the White House could get it in time. 30 democrats from Biden’s side signed it. The sign took place under the House of Representatives. The letter called for direct negotiation with Russia. It also seemed like a contradiction.

The US government has always condemned Russia for its stance in the war. The Biden administration claims that Moscow was not into diplomacy. Despite the view on Russia, the thought of negotiation is quite surprising for many. White House officials also responded to this. They said that diplomacy occurs when both sides negotiate. It is not the case as of now.

Many high officials condemned the letter. They also spoke against Russia. They said that Russia does not care about diplomacy; it cares about strength. Many officials came forward in support of Ukraine. They said that we must stand united and fight against oppression.

Republicans have openly warned about the aid to Ukraine. They have also said that there will be no blank cheque if they come to power. This can lead to a difficult time for Ukraine if Republicans come to power. Democrats have always given financial and military support. Experts believe that this will not be the case with Republicans.

Credits: BBC

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