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Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky has again accused Russia and its forces. He said that the Russian forces are using “crazy” tactics in eastern Ukraine. They are doing this while trying to capture Bakhmut. Bakhmut is in the Donetsk region. It had a population of 70,000 before the war.

If Russia wins over Bakhmut, it will become a strategic advantage for Russia. This is where the “craziness” jumps in, says Mr. Zelensky. The Russian forces have also shown a very aggressive stance in eastern Ukraine. They have led the most number of strikes here. They conducted eight separate attacks before noon. This shows their desperation to gain victory.

Bakhmut in eastern Ukraine appears to be the only city where Russia is advancing. The city on its own has no value. But if Russia gains hold of it, it can open many doors for them. The city can provide Russia with a strong foothold. Many cities can get targeted from Bakhmut.

Wagner paramilitary mercenaries are also supporting the Russian forces. The founder of this group is Yevgeniy Prigozhin. He said he wants to capture Bakhmut as well. This can be for purely political reasons as well. Despite the support, Russian troops are advancing very slowly. Ukraine is holding back the advance.

Kherson was recently evacuated by Russia. Many countries termed this as illegal. Ukraine is now advancing towards Kherson. Mr. Zelenskey also said that their troops are gaining a strong foothold now. Kyiv intelligence officials have warned about Russia as well. With this, Kherson can also see one of the deadliest battles yet in the war as both sides are advancing.

Ukraine is also pushing towards eastern Luhansk province. Pro-Russian officials have confirmed this. A Ukrainian drone was also shot down by Russian authorities in Crimea. The event happened near a thermal power plant. There was a fire, but everything was normal. Kamikaze drones are doing max damage in the war.

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