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Russia has taken a very aggressive approach. Russia attacked Ukraine with drones. President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, also confirmed this news. He said that there were more than 30 drone attacks on Ukraine. The drone attacks happened just within two days.

Russia attacked Ukraine with missile strikes 4500 times. Russia conducted 8000 air raids in total during the war. This shows the current stance of Russia against Ukraine. Most of these were drone attacks. President Zelensky said that they would bring down the might of Moscow’s air power.

Iran has supplied most of the drones to Russia. Many western and other intelligence officials believe this. Iran and Russia deny this openly. Though, many drones downed by Ukraine were of Iranian origin. Antony Blinken is the US Secretary of State. He said that Russia’s dependence on drone attacks is “appalling”.

Russia continues to attack Ukraine’s energy resources. Many drone attacks targeted civilian infrastructure. They also destroyed the power and water resources. It is happening at a time when temperatures are dropping across Ukraine. The whole supply of power and water is getting affected due to these attacks.

Apart from supplying drones, Iran is also supplying personnel to Russia. Officials believe that many Iran-based military experts are on the ground in Crimea. They are helping Russian forces with their targets and drone attacks. The drones used by Russia came out to be kamikaze drones. Shahed-136 is the real name of the drones.

Israel has been a long-standing enemy of Iran. Israel also came forward to accuse Iran of helping Russia in the war with Ukraine. Also, Israel said that Iran is “endangering the whole world”. They are developing nuclear weapons. They are assisting Russia as well. However, they are putting the whole world order at stake.

The US has again come out to support Ukraine. They will give Ukraine 275 million dollars in military aid. The military aid comes amid political turmoil in their own home country. The money will help Ukraine by restocking its ammunition. The fighting on the ground is slow because of different strategies and lousy weather.

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