Paul Pelosi

Paul Pelosi, 82, is the husband of Nancy Pelosi. Nancy Pelosi is one of the most famous and top politicians in the US. She is also the current Speaker of the House of Representatives. She was in the news recently for going to Taiwan amid US-China tensions.

An intruder got into their San Francisco home. The intruder attacked Paul Pelosi with the help of a hammer. Mr. Pelosi also suffered injuries to his right arms and legs. He also fractured his skull. But doctors are saying that he will fully recover.

The attack happened amid the tensions of midterm elections in November. Some people believe that this attack can lead to political violence. David Depape, 42, is the name of the suspect who tried to attack Paul Pelosi. He wanted to meet Nancy Pelosi instead.

President Joe Biden said that the attack on Paul Pelosi is “despicable”. The US government also raised their law enforcement warning to ‘heightened threat’. They said that there could be cases of violence against government officials.

The intruder attacked Paul Pelosi in the early hours of Friday. San Francisco Police said that they got a call at 02:27 in the morning. They found both of them struggling together because of the hammer. The intruder wanted to tie Mr. Pelosi up because Nancy Pelosi wasn’t there. Paul Pelosi secretly called 911 from his bathroom and didn’t cut the call. The officers were able to recognize the situation and acted accordingly.

The suspect, David Depape, seems to be a far-right person. His social media accounts speak for themselves. He has also posted about debunked allegations of election fraud. His social media shows that maybe, he is an extremist.

Paul Pelosi is a multimillionaire founder of a venture capital firm. He lives in San Francisco, where his home is and, apparently, where he got attacked. He was also born and raised here in San Francisco. Nancy Pelosi married him in 1963. The couple has 5 children together.

Credits: BBC

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