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Ukrainian President Zelensky recently claimed that he had good news on the war. This came when Ukraine captured some areas from Russia. Rumors were going on about a victory from Ukraine’s side. The statement by Zelensky verified these rumors.

Mr. Zelensky chose not to name the recaptured places. He said that he should not name the places for security reasons. Other Ukrainian officials did not say anything. But US officials commented on this development. They said that Ukraine is making slow progress. But it is meaningful.

Ukraine is changing its strategy. Ukraine strengthened its operational security. This is a recent development. Ukraine also shared very few details about its counter-offensive in the east. It was also expected in the southern region of Ukraine.

Ukrainian soldiers marched towards the southeast of Kharkiv. It is near Donetsk, a crucial place for Ukraine. Russia has had control of Donetsk since the start of the war. It is one of the most important places to capture. The forces of Ukraine are not far away from Izyum. Izyum is the center point of the military supply chain for Russia.

Ukraine is making progress in this never-ending war. But still, the situation in Ukraine is very dire. Ukrainian General Staff said that they had repelled all attacks. The attacks happened in Kharkiv and Donetsk. But there is still some exchange of gunfire.

Ukraine’s budget next year will show that a country is at war. The defense sector of Ukraine will also use 27 billion dollars alone. President Zelensky said this on Wednesday. He clarified that there would be no impact on pensions. He also warned to cut down on expenses that don’t help the defense.

Many human rights organizations are observing this situation. They allege that forced transfers in happening, especially of children. This breaks the Geneva convention. Russia denies these allegations.

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