The US has decided to give more aid to Ukraine. This comes under the prospect of war. The US will give almost $2.7 billion to Ukraine and its allies. Out of this 2.7, $675 million is solely dedicated to weapons. This can give a strong boost to Ukraine.

Lloyd Austin is the Defense Secretary. Mr. Austin announced the arms package. The announcement also came through a special meeting with his contemporaries. The location of the announcement was the US air base in Germany. There are also many weapons included in the aid. Some of them are howitzers, munitions, and much more.

The US already has $13 billion in place as aid for Ukraine. In addition, the US government plans to give $2 billion as a long-term aid. This will benefit Ukraine, its allies, NATO, and non-NATO members. Congress will get all the details of this plan very soon.

Anthony Blinken is the US Secretary of State. He reached Kyiv to offer his support. He also mentioned that more aid would reach Ukraine at the ‘correct’ moment. Also, he said that the US would maintain the pressure to end this war. Finally, he affirmed to them that the country would be ‘fully sovereign and independent.

The condition for Ukraine, as a country at war, is difficult. Russia is not pressing for a diplomatic solution, and Ukraine can’t press for one. The dilemma of the US is even more difficult. The USA set up the new world order after WW2. But the decisions of the Biden administration can lead this world order to break. The rising tension between Russia and the US can result in a direct conflict.

The situation is not good. West, particularly the US, is giving the aid. This aid is helping Ukraine achieve small victories. Russia denies all advances. The real loss in this war is of the common people.

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