A new missile barrage from Russia caused blackouts in Ukraine. Zelensky condemned this action by pointing out Russia’s cruelties. Zelensky said that this is a crime against humanity. He said this in front of the UN Security Council via a video call. He called this method the ‘Russian formula of terror’. This has led to people living in the sub-zero cold without power and water.

The missile strikes that led to this situation killed almost seven people in Ukraine. The nuclear plant also went offline. The three nuclear plants that are under Ukraine got disconnected from the main grid. Zaporizhzhia plant turned on its diesel generators for cooling and power supply.

Moldova was also under blackouts on Wednesday. But the missile didn’t hit it. Moscow is also increasing strikes in Ukraine as the winter approaches. The strikes mean to damage the electrical grids to cause blackouts. The energy structure of Ukraine is in shambles because of the strikes. More than half of Ukraine’s grid needs urgent repair.

Zelensky said that the situation in Kyiv was beyond critical. He said that they are working round the clock to restore the electricity in the city. Almost 80 percent of the people were without any direct power. But some cities did restore their power supply. They were Lviv, Odesa, and Cherkasy.

The UN criticized the actions of Russia. They said that Moscow was using the winter as a weapon in this war. They want to cause the most suffering to the people of Ukraine. Russia did not gain any territory. So, to balance that, it is using the winter as a last resort. This strategy is inhumane to children, women, and elders of Ukraine.

Russia believes this is the only way to win the war. This inflicts the largest damage on Ukraine. As a result, this can bring them to the negotiation table. This strategy is somewhat against international war laws. But Ukraine still needs to fight against this injustice to save itself.

Credits: BBC

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