Angela Merkel is the former German chancellor. She defended her policy towards Russia, which she adopted during her time in power. This was before the beginning of the Ukraine war in February. She said that she did not have the power to influence the Russian president.

Merkel also tried to organize European talks. She wanted to do it with Mr. Putin and French president Emmanuel Macron. This was in the summer of 2021. Merkel admitted that her influence was waning by that time. She said that she lacked power and couldn’t get her way in the situation.

Her lack of power was indicative of the end of her post as a chancellor. Almost everyone knew by that time that she would not remain in power. Everyone predicted her departure in autumn. This came true as Ms. Merkel left the post of Chancellor in December. She paid her final visit to Moscow in the August of 2021.

Merkel also made a strong comment about Putin. She said that the only thing that matters for Putin is power itself. She said she also met Sergei Lavrov, the foreign minister of Russia. This is indicative of Putin’s thinking and Russia’s ideology. The war is a clear representation of this thinking.

Angela Merkel and other EU leaders came into the direct spotlight because of the Ukraine war. Many people believe that they should have used their influence to stop the war. Their approach towards Kremlin was on the softer side. This also led to a full-fledged invasion of Ukraine. A foreign policy expert says that Russia wants to weaken Europe. This is because the EU is dependent on Russian gas, and they exploited this opportunity.

But Merkel also believes that she stood for Ukraine in the Minsk Peace talks. This gave some time to Ukraine to prepare for the Russian army. The peace talks led to a ceasefire deal ensuring the Crimea annexation. But Ms. Merkel continues to believe that her decision to leave the post was good. The government at that time was also not doing anything fruitful.

Credits: BBC

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