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Jihadist militants have attacked a hotel in Mogadishu. Mogadishu is the capital of Somalia. The attacks led to the death of many people. Many people have sustained injuries as well. Sources say that the hotel is a famous one, and that’s why the militants chose it.

Many reporters talked to eyewitnesses. They said that they heard many explosions from the direction of the hotel. There were sounds of heavy gunfire as well. The name of the hotel is Villa Rose Hotel which is near the presidential palace. The jihadist militants capture the building on Sunday evening. The armed forces are fighting to gain it back.

The jihadist militants are from a group by the name of al-Shabab. The group has an affiliation with the terrorist group al-Qaeda. The hotel is popular among many government officials and ministers. But they have escaped the attack unhurt. One minister, Mohamed Ahmed, sustained some injuries. At the same time, other ministers claimed that they survived the attack.

Al-Shabab is a continuous offender in the area of Somalia. The jihadist militants have carried out attacks in many parts of Somalia. Many government troops and armed forces have also taken back the captured areas as well. The African Union forces have also helped them. But the situation is not good between the two.

An unknown number of jihadist militants have a role in this attack. They have lots of guns and explosives within their reach. The militants bombed the building first and then started firing. The residents nearby the hotel are also scared because of gunfire. Most of the people nearby have chosen to stay indoors because of the looming threat.

The president took an oath to declare a full-fledged war against jihadist militants. They were also responsible for a similar attack that killed 20 people. Twin car bomb explosions were also there. Almost 100 people died in the blast. Most of the attacks happened in Mogadishu and adjoining areas. The government is trying to finish the jihadist militants by their roots.

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