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Pope Francis recently commented that the cruelest among the Russian soldiers are generally Chechens and Buryats in an interview with the US magazine. According to him, the Russian soldiers of nonrussian origin are brutal among the others. Extending his statement, he labeled the Holodomor famine event in 1930s Ukraine a genocide.

Russia responded and also said that all the soldiers were one family and the statements made by Pope as perversion.

Pope continues with his argument and shares more thoughts on the Ukraine war in an interview with Jesuit magazine. He distinguished different religions and states. He also said Chechens, an ethnic group from Chechnya in the southwest of Russia, are mainly Muslim.

Furthermore, adding to the statement that Buryats, a Mongol ethnic group from Buryatia in eastern Siberia, are Buddhist and shamanic followers. Russia has many religious groups, and the majority of them are Orthodox Christianity.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded to the comment and marked it as a religious comment. She said the agenda is no longer Russophobic; it’s a perversion of a whole other level.

Pope said that he is in touch with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and also talked to Russian President Vladimir Putin via the ambassador to the Holy See. In multiple events, he addressed Putin without taking his name.

A reporter asked him about his statements condemning Russia for his actions. In reply, he said everyone knows his stand in Russia Ukraine war, with or without Putin, without taking his name. Sometimes I didn’t take names to offend and condemn persons, but everyone knows who I am talking about, says Pope.

In the end, giving new wind to the historical events, he demanded to entitle the Holodomor anniversary as the 1930s genocide. Millions of Ukrainians died in this famine in 1932-33 because of the selfish motives of the Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin.

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