Jiang Zemin
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The former leader of China, Jiang Zemin, died at 96 in Shanghai. The pitiful death took place after 12:00 local time on Wednesday. Zemin presided when China encountered high-paced growth. His death just came after China encountered some serious protests.

According to the Communist Party of China, Zemin dies of multiple organ failure and leukemia. He was an outstanding leader and had a very high prestige. Also, he was a communist fighter.

The Xinhua news agency and the Global Times turned their sites black and white. The purpose is to give tribute to Jiang Zemin. Several other State media outlets did the same.

After the 1989 crackdown, Zemin rose to power. The incident ostracized China at a global level. Zemin was a compromise leader.

Jian Zemin‘s stewardship forged a formidable economy. Also, the communists tightened their hold on power. And this allowed China to become one of the most powerful countries in the world.

Zemin oversaw Hong Kong’s peaceful handover in 1997. Also, he oversaw the entry of China into the World Trade Organization in 2001. This intertwined the nation with the global economy.

He made sure that his position was secure in the communist party. He came up with his own ideology in terms of politics- the Three Represents theory. Also, he aimed to modify the entire party.

Also, he tried to strengthen his bond with the United States. He visited the US many times and conversed with George W Bush.

Jian had a colorful personality compared to his successors. He crooned Elvis Presley at a global summit. Also, he went for a swim on the Hawaiian coast.

In his last years, he appeared very less in public. However, he remained an excellent subject when it came to internet memes. His young fans called themselves the “toad worshippers”.

According to a Global Times letter, Xi Jinping will also attend Jian’s funeral. Global and foreign leaders are not invited.

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