Cyril Ramaphosa

On the “Farmgate” scandal, Cyril Ramaphosa is getting an impeachment threat. People have accused the president of covering a $4 million theft in 2020. Also, it includes bribing burglars and kidnapping individuals into silence.

As per a 3-volume report, the president of South Africa has abused his position. And also, he might have broken anti-corruption laws. However, he denied the wrongdoing and said that he got the money from selling buffalo.

The parliament is going to examine the incident and is going to decide on the outcome.

Cyril Ramaphosa is less than 1 month away from the conference. It will decide if the president can run his party for the second term in 2024. His party is the ANC (African National Congress). This is going to be damaging as Ramaphosa ran for office on an anti-corruption ticket.

The ANC’s top body will meet later to discuss the report. The president will meet the provincial lawmakers. The president is encountering pressure and may not continue with his normal business.

The report has raised some of the most uncomfortable questions. It is very tough to escape the iron of all the claims. Cyril Ramaphosa is the same man who fought the corruption that dogged the nation.

If the MPs investigate further and find the president guilty, they will move for an impeachment vote. It is not only an abuse of power but also a violation of the constitution.

The Farmgate scandal came into existence in June. Arthur Fraser filed a complaint stating that the president was hiding $4 m in cash. As per the African spy boss, he received the money from the Phala Phala farm in 2020.

Mr. Fraser said that the money might have come from corruption and money laundering. Also, he accused the president of bribing burglars and kidnapping.

Holding a massive amount of money may violate foreign exchange control laws. People are demanding further investigation. People are expecting assistance from the Namibian president to apprehend a suspect.

Credits: BBC

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