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Ukraine’s President cautions worst atrocities from Russian soldiers. As the troops depart from the north of the country, there can be the worst of times.

He brings up the suffering of the town of Borodyanka. There was a display of horrific images of bodies from the streets. The inhuman practice of Russian soldiers leaves the world shocked. With a tear in his eyes, Zelensky also fears the worst atrocities from Russian troops. The intelligence officials assume Russian troops to march in eastern Ukraine.

64th motorized rifle brigade of Russian troops is responsible for these worst atrocities. Kharkiv area may see the rise of conflict.

Russia, at the same time, continues to deny the killing of civilians. Ukraine’s government sets up crimes investigation. 410 civilian bodies are in the areas of Kyiv.

The bodies were in the worst condition. The hands tied and shot from close range. This evil and incompetent behavior of Russian troops call for international action. They also mercilessly killed the village head, her son, and her husband. It was in the village of Motyzhyn.

Speak of more worst atrocities from Russian troops come from the town of Konotop. They devilishly tortured civilians before killing them. The dead bodies speak of the torture.

Satellite images serve as great proof for the claim. US President also calls Russian president for the trial of war crimes. Bucha’s streets speak of these worst atrocities as dead bodies are clearly shown in the image.

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba asks for strong actions against Russia. He calls it the “tip of the iceberg.” Ukraine suffered the most during the recent weeks. It was even worse than IS.

He also brings the world’s notice to the town of Mariupol. Russia is continuously bombarding the area. He adds,” What we’ve seen in recent weeks is that Russia is much worse than Isis [the Islamic State group] when it comes to its atrocities and massacres.”

Zelensky will soon speak at the United Nations Security Council, The situation seems worse than the Nazi’s occupation. All the country needs to stand together and criticize Russia for its actions.

Credits: BBC

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