The Russia-Ukraine war is taking turns in the most inhumane way possible. Russia continuously bombarding and marching over the towns in Ukraine. In this difficult time, Ukraine seeks weapons from NATO.

Dmytro Kuleba, who is the foreign minister, seeks military aid. He says the atrocities seen in Bucha can happen again. Ukraine needs a weapon to protect its people.

Russia talks about the consequence of giving a weapon to Ukraine. It will be a negative mark on the peace talk. The Foreign minister also clarifies his objective of meeting NATO as the need for weapons.

NATO has continuously supported Ukraine, irrespective of its not being a member. Bucha reported merciless killing. However, the dead bodies are live examples of what Russia can do.

NATO finds himself in tight hands. Jens Stoltenberg, NATO secretary-general, stated, “the alliance was already supporting Ukraine, but promised Moscow would be left in no doubt over “our readiness to protect and defend all allies…

We will address the need for more air defense systems, anti-tank weapons, lighter but also heavier weapons, and many different types of support to Ukraine.”

More than 30 countries aided the country in the war against Russia. It included €1bn (£800m) from the EU and $1.7bn (£1.3bn) from the United States.

Western Supplies have cut short the arms supply. The ammunition and defensive equipment also sent in a very precise manner. No one wants to aggravate Russia. It is a safe move from the side of western countries.

The countries fear supplying heavy ammunition to Ukraine. They don’t want to make the war a world war. Supplying fighter jets and tanks can also put the countries at direct risk with Russia.

Russia also notified that pumping weapons to Russia can lead to serious problems. Kremlin spokesperson made it very clear that peace negotiations may fall behind.

But countries like UK and Czech Republic will continue to help the country as much as they can do.

Credits: BBC

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