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When it comes to online entertainment, the casino industry is one of the most popular ways to spend time on the internet. With the vast range of games and styles available, it is hardly surprising that online gambling draws such a large crowd. Traditional games like roulette, poker, and Blackjack sit side by side with newer ways to bet such as virtual sports and e-sports. 

The variety of games is precisely why the casino industry is becoming increasingly popular in Asia, despite the fact that a large majority of governments in Asia are against gambling. Government opposition hasn’t stopped online casinos providing players with the games that they want.

Here are a few of the most popular casinos to experience in Asia if you are looking for something new and different from the Western-styled online casinos. 

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Casino X

Casino X is one of the most highly rated casinos in Asia, even though it is not technically based in Asia. Casino X is operated by the same company that runs Joy Casino and Bond’s casino, Genesis Global Limited Casinos. 

Casino X has a large variety of games available, such as roulette, blackjack, poker, and the bread and butter of online casinos – slots. It also features many lucrative bonuses for new and existing players.

You can receive 200% first-time deposit bonuses, as well as bonuses on your 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th deposit, which are all explained by 6takarakuji here. Information about all of the online casinos mentioned in this article can also be found on the site.

Casino X has a wide range of withdrawal methods, such as MasterCard, Neteller, Visa Electron, Visa, Skrill, EcoPayz, QIWI, Yandex Money, Moneta.ru, and liqpay.com. It also allows free withdrawals up to two times a day. 

Live Casino House

Live Casinos House is a relatively new kid on the block in Asia, but this hasn’t stopped it garnering generous popularity and positive reviews. One of Live Casino House’s unique features is that it sports over 500 live dealers and more than ten live games. It also boasts an incredible number of games – more than 1,500 slot varieties and 60 plus types of table games. 

Founded in 2014, the casino is available in a variety of languages including English, Chinese, Japanese, Thai and Vietnamese. It also has very generous welcome bonuses and will match your initial deposit up to $500. Live Casino House operates in US dollars only. All money will be converted upon deposit, which can be a negative or a positive depending on your currency’s exchange rate. 

C: Carl Raw – Unsplash

Casumo is one of the latest online casinos in Asia, and their success is marked by their recent takeover of Casino Secret. Because it is still very fresh on the scene, Casumo does not offer welcome bonuses at the moment, but they are sure to begin offering sign-up incentives once they become more established. They do offer different types of bonuses, such as their weekly bonus offer that gives members the chance to win free spins and bonus cash depending on your activity on the site. 

Casumo also has a sizable amount of games, 1600 in total. This vast roster is made up of over 1000 slot games, 40 table games and 17 jackpot games. Casumo takes responsible gambling very seriously, and has mechanisms in place to ensure that their players are aware of the risks. The platform allows you to set a budget, a maximum loss, log-in time limits and stake limits. 

Casumo is another online casino that does not charge any withdrawal fees, which is exceptional, considering most casinos take a percentage of both deposits and withdrawals. Allowing players to keep all of their money is always a winning formula for online casinos. 

Now you know a few of the most popular Asian casinos that are accessible from Western countries, you can have a taste of how they gamble on the other side of the world. With so many games to choose from, there is sure to be something from this selection to suit any game style and preference. Asian casinos offer an excellent opportunity to play games that are not available in Western casinos and are bound to provide something new to inquisitive gamers.

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