The hugely popular messaging service ‘WhatsApp’ is to introduce a function that when set will allow users to install a “disappearing messages” option.

Long asked for by users of the Facebook owned app, the setting will automatically remove messages from both the device of the sender and also the recipient seven days after being sent.

The function is planned for a global launch by the end of this month, and will appear automatically on users’ devices.

The company behind the app which has an estimated two billion users around the world says it is being introduced to ensure increased levels of chat privacy.

There will, however, be nothing to stop recipients initiating a screengrab image of messages when received or forwarding them to other devices.

The same will apply to photos and / or videos sent via the same app.

In one blog post now being pointed to by news agencies, the WhatsApp company said the option could be set to automatically delete messages after a week to ensure what it called “peace of mind that conversations aren’t permanent, while remaining practical so you don’t forget what you were chatting about”.

It is thought the update is the latest adjustment initiated by the Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg listening to what the customers want, and finally acting on an early 2019, promise to make amendments to the app in order to offer higher levels of privacy.

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