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Russian President Vladimir Putin is not happy with the western sanctions. He says that the sanctions came as a fever. These sanctions pose a worldwide threat to economies and governments. He also said that they are battling this aggression from the West.

Putin said that the western sanctions had disrupted the normal life of Europeans. Their quality of life is decreasing day by day, as per Putin. As a result, many poor countries are not getting food. This can pose a grave danger to poor nations.

Russia blocked the seaports of Ukraine for months. But the exports resumed in August. Putin falsely declared that only two food ships went to Africa. Putin also wanted to discuss the deal again on new conditions. Ukraine claimed that these remarks were baseless.

Western nations had to respond to this situation of war. However, if they had chosen to involve themselves directly, it could have resulted in WWIII. So, they chose to act indirectly. The West imposed heavy sanctions on Russia and its oligarchs. But it seems that the West is also bearing the brunt of these sanctions.

Russia is struggling to keep up with the sanctions. Many big companies have also decided to leave Russia. Many companies are facing problems with importing parts. Inflation is also rising at an unprecedented level. The sanctions are making life difficult for the Russians.

The European Union banned flights from Russia. In addition, the 27 member states of the EU want to make the visa process more difficult for the Russians. This can make the famous Schengen visa expensive to afford. These developments continue to anger Moscow and its contemporaries.

Dmytro Kuleba is the Foreign minister of Ukraine. He said that Russia aims to blackmail Europe. Russia is planning to lure Europe through its energy resources. Kuleba said,” Putin wants to ruin the stability and well-being of every household in Europe.”

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