Wagner Chief Prigozhin
Wagner Chief Prigozhin

We know that a lot is going on in Russia right now and it all started with the invasion of Ukraine last year as Russia said that it sees the involvement of “outside forces” in Ukraine as a threat to its own security and thus, it feels obliged to invade Ukraine and take it into its own territory as it did with Crimea many years ago. At the moment, it is known that the war between Russia and Ukraine is still going on with both the sides not backing down or ready for any kind of negotiations. However, we saw a twist when the Wagner Group, one of the leading forces helping Russia in its fight with Ukraine, turned against them all of a sudden.

The Wagner Group, led by their Chief Prigozhin, staged a coup in Moscow and tried to overturn the Government in an attempt overnight to dethrone Russia’s Putin from his powers. However, the coup failed and Putin was unharmed in all this as Prigozhin ordered his troops to retreat and they were reportedly forced to go out of Russia as well. Now, we have confirmed reports that Wagner Group Chief Prigozhin has died in a plane crash that took place inside Russia which means that he was in the Russian territory.

It is now known if Prigozhin was entering Russia or leaving the country but we know that there were prominent leaders of the Wagner Group present along with him, all of whom are confirmed to be dead. Now, we can say that there are two school of thoughts right now related to this incident. On the one hand, people who know Russia and Putin claim that they already saw this coming when he coup attempt failed from Prigozhin as it was not possible for someone who tried to overturn Putin to co-exist with him. On the other hand, people are also suspecting this to be staged from Russia’s government in order to let Prigozhin escape to a “safe territory” which could be beneficial for both the parties as they had a secret meeting during the coup attempt.

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