Taiwan's TMSC
Taiwan’s TMSC

We all know that the situation between China and the US is tense for quite some time now and a small trigger can perhaps be the starting point of something that the world has never seen. However, we do hope that none of the parties start something that could be detrimental to everyone around the world. Also, the Biden administration does not seem to be in a very aggressive mood judging by the statements and other mannerisms. However, it is worth noting that many things will already be planned once a certain event takes place.

One such event is the possible invasion of Taiwan by China and what should the US do in such a scenario. Well, a former National Security Advisor who worked in the Trump administration says that the US will “never” allow the Chinese side to take control of Taiwan’s semiconductor factories in case China invades Taiwan. He says that US would destroy all the semiconductor factories in Taiwan if Taiwan are to be invaded because letting China gain control over the semiconductor factories means that the Chinese will have full control over the world economy and we all know how that goes.

Taiwan Manufacturing Semiconductor Company, TMSC, is the world’s largest chipmaker making almost 90% of the world’s chips and Apple also develops its chips from TMSC as well. This means that if China takes control of the TMSC, it means that Apple and others will be stranded over chip supply as by that time, both the US and China would be at war with each other.

However, Chen Ming-tong who is Taiwan’s Director of National Security Bureau, said it is not necessary for the US to destroy the factories as it can shut down the production of factories without even destroying it due to the non-availability of certain components from Dutch supplier ASML. He added, “Even if China got a hold of the golden hen, it won’t be able to lay golden eggs,”. The gravity of China’s invasion of Taiwan would be such that analysts predict “that would be the biggest impact we’ve seen to the global economy — possibly ever,”

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