Have you been stuck under a rock for the last 15 years and have no idea what Twitter is?

Have you finally started a new Twitter account and have no idea what to do or how to get started?

One of the most popular and longest standing social media platforms of all time is Twitter, being launched in 2006 and now reaching over 326 million monthly active users.

Twitter became popular because of its short form blogging format and capability for users to create a community and be directly connected to their followers.

Twitter is today used by a variety of people from just casual users looking for entertainment, political posters, comedic posters, and even business promoting their products or services.

There really is a place for almost everyone on the app to have their say. 

If you are considering using it, especially to grow followers or make your business gain more traction, there are a few things you need to know, and if you want to succeed here is what you should know before using Twitter.

Engagement is everything

Twitter is a social media platform, so its basic purpose is for people to socially network through the app. This means that most people still use it for its intended purpose and you should try to stick to that as much as possible by engaging with your followers and other users.

People love feeling noticed and appreciated, and a great way to do this is by responding to their comments, tweets, and direct messages, and this in turn will probably lead to them telling their friends and family about you or suggesting that they follow you too. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to keep up with all this and that’s why Twesocial is here to help. Twesocial is an organic twitter marketing service that will handle almost every aspect of your account from post content at the most appropriate times, choosing the best hashtags, and even engaging with users for you.

All you need to do is provide content for them. 

Your profile is important 

Setting up your profile, you may think it is a quick and simple process, and while this might be the case in most situations, if you are looking to gain followers or grow your account you need to spend a little extra time on creating the perfect profile.

Your profile is what people will look at when considering to follow you, and making a good impression is everything.

It is important to make it as perfect as possible.

Things to include in your profile should start off with a good username. Ensure that this username is directly connect to you or your business to make it easy for people to identify.

Next up is a profile picture and banner. When it comes to your picture you need to make sure that you choose a specific theme and style that will suit the tone and niche of your account in order for you to attract followers in your target audience.

These pictures should also be clearly visible. 

Lastly, in your bio, you have the option to add a location of your business and a website as well.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity. If your followers start to grow they will be looking here to find out where they can buy your products.

Tweet relevant content

One of the things that will cause people to unfollow you is by posting content that is not relevant to your account or current situations.

It is important to keep your focus on what it relevant to your style, niche, and content, as this will allow you to maintain your target audience and keep them interested.  

Understand the language of Twitter 

Every social media platform has its own style and language, and Twitter is no exception to this.

It is important to understand the wording and language that is used in order to be able to use all the tools that are offered to you.

A few things that Twitter has to offer are hashtags; a keyword or phrase that follows a pound sign, retweets; when someone reposts your content or vice versa, and mentions; when a user tags someone in something by adding their @ username to the post.   

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