Have you ever wondered how social media influencers managed to become so popular so quickly?

Do you think you have what it takes to be become big on TikTok or get your brand widely known but aren’t quite sure how to go about it?

In the past few years the social media platform, TikTok has become one of the fastest growing and largest platforms out there at the moment. It’s made its way to fame by being an app that allowed you to easily lip sync to popular and trending songs, and now it is so much more than that, from funny skits, silly animals, people showing off different hobbies and talents, and not to mention all the viral trends like dance videos and hashtag challenges. 

TikTok is a great way for an influencer, or even a business or brand, to get your name out there and known by the now billions of people on the app.

This isn’t as easy as it sounds, but this doesn’t mean to say that it’s impossible.

So, if you need some help, here are a few tips on how to succeed on TikTok. 

Take advantage of user generated content

One of the greatest things about producing good content that could start trends, making use of hashtag challenges, is that your followers, and maybe even other users, will begin to generate content for you by participating in these challenges or trends that are connected to your account and name.

Unfortunately to get user generated content you will need to have followers, which is easier said than done.

Brands have found a lot of success using services such as TokUpgrade to boost their account by allowing the service to organically grow their followers.

Once you have a substantial number of followers and you’re continually producing good content, whilst creating trending hashtags, users will begin to create content for you.

This means that you are ultimately getting free exposure from a small amount of work and that other people are promoting your account for you.  

Have a profile photo that relates to your account 

When you are starting a TikTok account, one of the first things that you are required to put in your profile, along with a username, is a profile photo.

Most people just tend to go with whatever photo they have in their camera roll that they like the most, but if you really want to stand out and make an impression you should put a bit more effort into it. 

Your profile photo should be a reflection of the type of content you post as well as a reflection of yourself. This profile picture should be as real and authentic as possible while still fitting in with the themes of your content that you will post later.

Along with this profile photo, you should also create an interesting bio that will accurately reflect your channel. 

Use trends 

The content on TikTok is heavily influenced by new trends that are regularly popping up, almost daily.

These trends could be anything from viral dance videos, people showing off their pets with a trending sound clip, or even just a recipe that everyone want to try. 

A great way for you to get your content out there and get yourself known is to join in on the trends and take inspiration from the most popular videos of the day and add it into your content somehow.

It is important to remember that trends can be tricky to keep up with because, on TikTok, they come in and out of popularity at the speed of lightning meaning that one day a trend will be going around and everyone will be doing it, and then the next day there will be s completely new trend.

When it comes to posting trending content, try to make sure that you film and post it all in the same day to get the best reaction out of it. 

Be consistent 

It may be tempting to just post whatever you want whenever you want but try not to do this. If you are looking to become popular on TikTok, just have a look at all the biggest influencers, they all have some kind of theme and style within their content that makes their profile seem cohesive and consistent.

Although TikTok is typically a more laid back and relaxed app, it is still good to have a more professional and put together look on your account and keep everything consistent and cohesive in style and look as this will allow for your followers to easily identify your content.

It is also crucial to set up a posting schedule in order to maximise you possibility to be seen by as many users as possible.

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