US President in Ukraine
US President in Ukraine

We know that strange things have been done in the past by former US Presidents, but the latest move from current US President Joe Biden is a very bold move considering the situation right now. If we say that the current US President visited the war-laden Ukraine and air raid sirens were being blasted as he was in Kyiv, the capital city of Ukraine, would you believe it? You have to believe it, as that is exactly what happened. In an extremely surprise and impromptu visit to Ukraine, President Joe Biden met the Ukraine President Jelenksy and discussed a lot of things and extended his support for the country.

Now that we know the details of this visit from US President Joe Biden, we can tell you that the US President was in Poland on Sunday, from where he took a 10-hour long train journey to the capital of Ukraine that is Kyiv. Obviously, Ukraine’s President would have known about this visit from the US President but everything was quiet on this front as it involves a big security threat. While we think Russia is not that silly to directly attack or go anywhere near the US President’s motorcade, we feel it was still a risk.

Talking about the visit, the US President said that he was there to show America’s “unwavering support” for Ukraine and that he will release a $500 million military aid in the coming days for the country’s ammunition support. However, Ukraine’s president Zelenksy has demanded advanced arms, which were not mentioned by the US President. Zelensky said they need “long-range weapons and the weapons that may still be supplied to Ukraine, even though it wasn’t supplied before.”

It is worth noting that few hours before US President Joe Biden was scheduled to visit Ukraine, the Russian officials were also informed of the same so that there is no misunderstanding and to “deconflict” with the Russian military forces already operating inside Ukraine. The US also played the poker game when they released a schedule saying that the US President was still in White House whereas he was in Poland and on his way to visit Ukraine at that time.

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