Taiwan troops
Taiwan troops

We know that Taiwan is in the middle of a war-like situation with China because of the fact that the Chinese side is constantly trying to push Taiwan by entering its airspace as well as other escalations. Due to that, the US is also worried and has also warned the Chinese side about a possible threat to their allies. It is also clearly evident that the US sees Taiwan as its ally and that it will do anything to protect Taiwan against possible Chinese aggression. Due to that, things are tense between China and the US who are already in a tussle due to the Chinese balloon entering US airspace.

Now, we know that Taiwan does not have the force to stand against China if there is military action taken against them which is also the reason why Taiwan wants to make its force better. One of the ways in which it can do that is by taking help from the US. And that is exactly what Taiwan is going to do about this situation. In a report, it has been revealed that the Taiwanese troops are going to the US in order to take combat training.

The report reveals that about 500 of the Taiwan troops are going to visit the US in the second half of this year due to the strategic ties between US and Taiwan. Previously, Taiwan has sent forces to the US for combat training but they were only in dozens at a time. However, if Taiwan is sending at least 500 of its troops to the US then it means that the country also sees the threat from China very clearly and wants to train as many of its troops as possible.

The report adds, “This marks the first time troops at battalion level, typically consisting of around 500 soldiers, will travel to the US for training – rather than platoon (25-60 troops) or company (80-150) level as in the past,”. Taiwan’s official statement on this matter is to deny the report, it seems, for now as they say that “all military exchanges with foreign forces are handled in accordance with planning”

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