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Joe Biden, US President, announces enormous consequences to Russia. 100,000 Russian soldiers deployed to the borders of Ukraine. The tensions between America and Russia are setting the fire. The world leaders are also calling out in support of Ukraine.

In the meantime, Russia accuses the US of one who is elevating the tension. Also, it is currently refusing to invade Ukraine. The actions are telling a different story.

The Kremlin claims to appoint the soldiers to safeguard itself. They see the western military alliance NATO as a serious threat to the country. It also demands legal guarantees to avoid the addition of new countries. It wants no new member further east, which includes Ukraine as now.

While the US calls this Russian aggression. It is just trying to hide behind NATO expansion. Western embassies fear the invasion. It also reduced the number of personnel in Kyiv.

Russian, Ukrainian, German, and French diplomats will gather in Paris. They will also discuss the solution to ongoing tensions. A negotiation should come into the picture.

The US President affirms the sanction against Vladimir Putin. He responded yes when a reporter asked him. Russia’s attempt will cost a great deal to Putin. He called this World War Two.

Liz Truss, UK Foreign Minister, tells BC that “The Government will rule nothing out including the sanction.” The UK will toughen up the sanction on businesses, people, and banks. The UK expects the allies to do the same with Russia.

The UK government calls for collective action against Russia. It will also forecast the unity between the allies to Putin. Also, Russia may refrain and hold back its troops.

Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, demands to ban Russia from Swift payments. This will directly affect the revenue of the country. Europe will not receive any Russian products.

Russia aggressively responded to the US President. One of the spokespeople calls the sanction will be politically destructive. It will not be painful for Putin.

The conflict already cost 14,000 lives in 2015. Now, the peace deal is way ahead of fulfillment.

Credits: BBC

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