US Supreme Court

Joe Biden is all ready to fulfill his election campaign commitment. He will nominate an African-American woman to the US Supreme Court. She will chair as the replacement of Stephen Bryer. His retirement plan will finalize soon.

The replacement will not bring any changes in the US Supreme Court’s 6-3 majority. The Supreme Court takes care of final decisions on contentious law. It plays the role of dispute solver between Federal and states. And also finalize the appeals of stay execution.

The decision committee includes nine judges. They are the “Justices”. Also, they serve their lifetime on the US Supreme Court. They are also exclusively nominated by the President of the United States. And the Senate approves it.

The White House Press Secretary. Jen Psaki affirms the news conference, “The president has stated and reiterated his commitment to nominating a black woman to the Supreme Court and certainly stands by that.”

In the history of Liberal Justices in the US Supreme Court, only two African-Americans served. Justice Thurgood Marshall served from 1967 to 1991. However, the other was his successor Justice Clarence Thomas. He is set to become one of the oldest members on the decision bench.

The President may choose Ketanji Brown Jackson. She is one of the top contenders for the post. She was a law clerk to Mr. Breyer. She is currently sitting at the US Circuit Court of Appeals. Also, she is serving in the District of Columbia. She succeeded current Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Leondra Kruger is also one of the nominees. She is also serving in the California Supreme Court. The other contender is J Michelle Childs. She is a judge in South Carolina’s federal court.

Democrats are putting pressure on Justice Breyer. They also want to fill in younger members to control the White House and Senate. The last US Supreme Court came in 2020. Justice Amy Coney Barrett replaced Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

The President and Justice Breyer will also appear at a news conference on Thursday. They will confirm the retirement.

Credits: BBC

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