US East Coast

A bombogenesis snowstorm hits the US East Coast region. A heavy storm like this hits the region after four years. The Metrological Department cautions the storm to stretch. The regions of Carolinas to Maine will receive hurricane-force winds.

The five states declared emergencies. Michelle Wu, Mayor of Boston, calls the storm will be historic. New England expects two feet of snowfall with flooding.

The storm leads to the cancellation of 5000 US flights. The FlightAware records the figure between Friday and Sunday. Forecasters explain the change in the storm. They call it Nor’easter. And, the Boston area can have 61cm of snow.

The dangerous winds and heavy snow are due to low pressure in the Atlantic. The weekend can record more than 50 cm of snow and Gales. The temperature in Northeast USA is going to rise in the coming weekend. However, the snow will eventually melt. This will explain the flooding in the area.

The heaviest snowfall was in 2003, with 27.6 inches. The storm can undergo bombogenesis. The term bombogenesis explains colder air mix up with warmer sea air. This also indicates a swift drop in atmospheric pressure. The Experts say that a bomb cyclone can hit the emergency-declared states.

The National Weather prohibits traveling at this time. The citizens should travel only during emergencies in Boston. Boston is going to take most of the heat from the storm.

In case one needs to travel, a winter survival kit is a must-have. Those who will get stranded must remain in their vehicle. Also, they must wait for help.

The powerful storm hit the coast first in the early hours of Saturday morning. Several states report the snowfall in the country. The winds will also reach hurricane speeds. US East Coast regions receive a blizzard warning. The last time an alert like issued in 2018.

The mayors from five states caution citizens to stay away from roads. Florida can also expect the coldest temperature in years.

Credits: BBC

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