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North Korea recently tested the most powerful missile. It releases the photographs of the same taken from Space. The photograph details the outreach of missile in the Korean peninsula and surroundings.

Japan and South Korea said the missile could reach an altitude of 2000km. This makes it the most powerful and also a great threat to the world.

The missile can travel thousands of miles. It can be a big threat to US territory Guam. The testing alarmed the superpower countries like America, South Korea, Japan, and other nations.

North Korea conducted various launches past months. It records a number of seven alone last month.

The UN has restrained the country on nuclear weapons tests. There were even sanctions on a ballistic missile. Though, the East Asian state continuously denies the ban.

The US official demands the UN take strict action against North Korea. The missile activity also requires to renew talk with the country.

Japan and South Korea inform the launch of the Hwasong-12 launch. The countries anti-missile system identifies the launch. The country also brings the details of the launch forwards.

They expect it to fly and cover the moderate distance as IRBM. They state the distance to be 800Km. It covered 497 miles before landing in waters off Japan. The missile can easily cover 4000km in its full power.

North Korea also affirms the launch on Monday. The state media disclosed the rogue test after the occurrence.

KCNA is one of the news agencies in the country. It informed the launch was to identify the accuracy. It was set to land away. Also, it considers the security of the neighboring countries.

The media also released photos taken from the missile head. Kim Jong-un was not present for the launch. He was at the launch of a hypersonic glide test. However, it is the most advanced type of test.

Ankit Panda is a North Korean Analyst. He calls the absence of Kim and the use of language in media explanatory. Also, the test was just to verify the system.

Credits: BBC

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