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The Central Command of the US military has finally announced the result of its forensic investigation on the tanker blast from last week. The blast took place due to a fatal drone attack on a merchant tanker off Oman.

The explosive experts concluded that Iran had produced the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle. The experts have shared all the evidence regarding this tanker blast in Britain and Israel, who have concurred with the finding.

This attack on MT Mercer Street has killed two of the people. An Israeli shipping magnate company Eyal Ofer managed the vessel with the London-based Zodiac Maritime. This attack killed British security guard Adrian Underwood and the Romanina captain of the ship.

Britain, Israel, the US, and Romania blamed Iran, which denied this involvement. Iran said that if there is any valid proof, then it should be brought to the light. Now the statement from Centcom has put some light on what the investigation has revealed.

A team of the aircraft of the US Navy, the USS Ronald Reagan, took up an investigation regarding this drone attack. After taking the interview of the survivors and examining the explosive residue, they concluded that three drones targeted the ship.

The first two drones launched on the ship on the evening of 29th July but missed the target. But the third drone took place early on 30th July. It contained military-grade explosives, which hit the pilothouse and exploded instantly. Apart from killing 2, it had also created a 2-meter diameter hole.

According to the investigators, there is the residue of RDX and a nitrate-based explosive. It makes clear that the UAV has the intention to create destruction and injury. The investigators have also recovered the part of the drone wing to conduct further tests. They have concluded that the drone has its origin in Iran. A joint statement of G7 nations has condemned the act of Iran.

Iran and Israel are more into a “shadow war” for some time. Israel is allegedly behind a series of acts of sabotage of Iran’s nuclear program. It has also imposed some attacks on the Iranian Ships carrying oil to Syria.

Iran is targeting Israeli shipping with the Limpet mine. But last week’s drone attack marked the start of a war that has dragged the major western powers. There was a second attack on the shipping with the armed men who seized control from the merchant tanker.

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