Evia island
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Wildfires are spreading through the Greek Evia Island. It is causing the residents to flee to a safer space near the sea. More Than 2000 people have already shifted from that place. The old residents carried on the ferries.

The local officials said that they hadn’t received enough help to fight the fires. Various parts of the island have already been destroyed.

Greece is now experiencing one of its most severe heat waves in 30 years. The temperature has surged up to 45 -degrees Celsius. The number of wildfires that have hit the country in recent days is growing. One blaze in the northern suburbs of Athens has also subsided.

Heat Waves are becoming more extreme due to climate change. The subsequent hot and dry weather is fueling the wildfires, which is also the case in Evia Island.

On Evia, a large island to the north and east of Athens, the two fire fronts have ruined thousands of hectares. It has also destroyed many houses and businesses. The Firefighters are struggling to keep the fires at bay in a number of villages on the island.

The images on Sunday show that more people are getting evacuated through the ferries. With no sign of the fire subsiding, the residents are calling for more help. Giannis Kontzias, the mayor of Istiaia, said that it is already too late.

The fire has destroyed the area. He appealed for more help from the helicopters and the water-bombing planes. But the Civil Protection Chief Nikos Hardalias says that the planes are facing very difficulties. The fire is creating poor visibility for the planes.

Some people are finding it very hard to breathe as there is too much smoke and ash. People living here are also on alert, and there is a lot of distress. A number of countries have responded to the call of Greece for help.

The countries include France, Uk, and Germany. The fire in the Peloponnese is stable now. The situation in Attica is also better now. However, there are dangers for the further flare-up. Turkey is also dealing with a series of wildfires. Eight people have died, and thousands have fled from their homes.

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