You must have heard that a huge leak emerged out of the US, and there were leaked documents from the Pentagon that should not have leaked and revealed huge state secrets as well as how the US tracks its allies and its preparedness in various situations. It is worth noting, however, that the leaker who is identified as a 21-year-old male has been arrested. But the damage of his leaks was quite drastic and now the world knows how much the US knows about its allies and even others that it is tracking as well.

Talking about the leaked documents, it is worth noting that the US is indeed seeing China as a threat to Taiwan and it is also worried that the island nation is not going to win its war against the Chinese military. The leaked documents also reveal that the US believes China will achieve air supremacy over Taiwan very soon if it wants to invade Taiwan. In the report, it is mentioned that even Taiwan’s military leaders doubt if their air defences can “accurately detect air missiles” if China is to invade Taiwan.

Also, the report says that US is not able to accurately give any information about the invasion plans from China because the Chinese are using civilian ships for military purposes. It is worth noting that the US already feels the threat from China if it attacks Taiwan as they have already said that the country will be the first to defend Taiwan.

The US has also said that it is currently evaluating the decision to send military weapons to Taiwan and if it should do so or not. On the other hand, the US also knows that Taiwan can’t defend itself against China so it definitely needs help from them. Also, the US is worried that China could take control of the chip manufacturing factories inside Taiwan such as TMSC and others so it has said that destroying those factories is an option as well. It is worth noting that Taiwan’s Presidential Elections are coming up next year and it is unlikely that China will invade Taiwan before that event.

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