Chinese spy drone units
Chinese spy drone units

You must be aware that there was a leak recently in the US which was even shared on a popular Discord server and it contained very sensitive and confidential information from the US intelligence regarding the tracking they currently do for their allies and also assess the situation so that they can be prepared in advance for what is happening and what can happen to their allies. Talking about that leak, it is known that the leak was done by a 21-year old hacker who has since been arrested and has been charged as well. However, the damage has already been done because of the information that was shared publicly.

Thanks to that leak, we can now tell you that the Chinese attack on Taiwan is very strong according to the US surveillance. It is also known that the Chinese army is preparing a supersonic spy drone unit and China could deploy it surrounding Taiwan that travels at three times the speed of light which means that it will be very hard to track these units as well. We also reported earlier this week about the same leaked documents showing that the US believes Taiwan is not prepared for the Chinese invasion which is why it feels obliged to support Taiwan if and when the Chinese attacks the island nation.

Currently, the US documents show that these Chinese spy drone units are not capable of conducting air raids and will only be used to spy on other nations such as Taiwan or over the South China Sea. However, modifications done to these units can equip it to carry air strikes as well and that could be lethal guessing by its speed faster than the speed of light. It is worth noting that the US believes that these drone units can be used to surveil US instead of Taiwan as well.

“It is difficult to detect and intercept. The existing U.S. air-to-air weapons aren’t good enough,” says an expert familiar with the matter. He added that Taiwan and US are not the only countries that need to worry about these units. He added that “Japan has to worry about it. India has to worry about it. All Southeast Asia has to worry about it.”

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