You must be aware that there is currently a big conflict going on between the US and China and it is also seen that the island nation caught in between the big fight of these two giants is Taiwan. One one hand, China claims that Taiwan is its own territory and it can claim back control over Taiwan whenever it wants. On the other, the US says that it will do anything in its power to stop the Chinese from taking over the land of Taiwan. The reason behind US’ position on Taiwan is for their own advantage only and not because of any personal agenda against China.

The US knows that majority of the chips that are used all over the world are still being made in Taiwan and if China gets control over it, it is quite possible that they can stop supplying chips to US and its allies which means they will go in a chip shortage and a recession is likely as well. That could also mean that China could be able to control the world economy which the US does not want at any costs. This is the reason why US says it will protect Taiwan.

Now, Taiwan is also reportedly frustrated by the US stance on Taiwanese chip factories and they have begun unofficial meeting with their US counterparts to tell them that the Taiwanese side wants them to tone down their rhetoric over the Taiwan chips and calm down over their conflict with China. Taiwan wants to do this because it sees that their business might get hurt due to the US statements on Taiwanese chip factories and their dominance over the world.

The US even released a statement earlier this month saying that they will even be ready to destroy the Taiwanese factories if China claims control over the island nation. This shows the extent to which the US side is willing to go to not let China get control over the Taiwanese chip makers such as TSMC and others. However, it is also worth noting that TSMC founder Terry Gou is known to be Pro-China.

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