Ukraine war

The US has given a rough estimate of the number of deaths in the Ukraine war. The topmost general in the US believes that both sides lost almost 100,000 soldiers to the war. This means that the total casualties can be somewhere near 200,000. This is just an approximate number. The real number is always higher. The impact of this on society is more dangerous.

Some people from the US believe that 40,000 civilians have also died in the Ukraine war. The war never takes away soldiers only. It takes away many civilians as well. Western officials have given their highest estimates to date. There are also some symptoms suggesting that Kyiv may negotiate with Moscow.

Earlier, Mr. Zelensky said that Putin must leave his position as the president of Russia. After that happens, he said, Kyiv is willing to negotiate. But it was a unique demand at the time by Volodymyr Zelensky. Now, they are willing to negotiate this time. The Ukraine war is at a different stage now.

Both sides should agree that war is not a solution to reach their desired goals. Diplomacy and conversation are the best way forward. The US says that the Ukraine war has given both sides a huge number of casualties. The negotiations can happen by seeing the number of casualties both sides have.

Both sides try not to give any figure on the number of casualties in the Ukraine war. Ukraine tries to defend its numbers more. The UN also says that the two countries’ numbers are inaccurate. This shows that suffering on the ground is more than on the surface level.

The Ukraine war has also led to an increase in the number of refugees from Ukraine. With this, Russia decides to fall back from the Kherson region of Ukraine. This can become a major victory point for Ukraine if they use it properly.

Credits: BBC

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