The rivalry between Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis is a spectacle to watch. They are verbally firing shots at each other. Recently, Mr. Trump lashed out at DeSantis. Trump said that DeSantis is an “average governor”. He also said that DeSantis lacks loyalty.

DeSantis, who is 44 right now, won a landslide victory at the re-election on Tuesday’s midterms. This made him the Republican party’s biggest star. Rumors are flying around that he may run for the post of President in 2024. This also explains the frustration of Mr. Trump, who is 76 now, on DeSantis.

Donald Trump is the biggest star of the Republican party. He is a powerful man with his flourishing businesses backing him up. He is also willing to challenge anyone who stands against him for the post of president, whether in his party or not. Ron DeSantis is going to have a very worthwhile opponent if he decides to run for it in 2024.

Mr. Trump continued to say things about DeSantis. He said that he came to him for help in 2017. Ron was running for his first term in office in 2017. Trump also said that he gave DeSantis a solid base to win polls and garner support. He went on to call him “Ron DeSanctimonius”.

Mr. Trump can also announce his plans for making a comeback to the politics of the States. With this, there is no idea of the winner of the midterm elections whatsoever. These midterm elections have gone to the last vote to become a thriller for Congress.

Donald Trump was very ruthless during the 2020 elections. The whole world saw the damage inflicted on the US as a result of Trump’s doing. The voters also took notice and acted out differently this time. However, they did not endorse anyone who backed Trump’s claims regarding the election. Leaving things behind, Ron looks good on the front with his polls and popularity.

Credits: BBC

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