The party of the current US President Joe Biden, the Democrats, is on the verge of taking the Senate. They are one step near to claiming victory over the Senate. The US saw one of the most drama-filled midterm elections this year. These midterm elections were also very tight for both parties. With this, Democrats see a possible win in Arizona.

CBS is the US partner for the BBC. It has also given estimations that point out that Democrats have won the seat of Arizona. Mark Kelly, the famous astronaut, is the face of the Democrats from Arizona. He has possibly beaten Blake Masters, the face of the Republican party.

This gives the people of the United States of America a thriller. The win at Arizona leaves the Senate in a tied position. The Senate will thus have 49 Democratic seats and 49 Republican seats. Nevada and Georgia don’t have a decision yet. Nevada is in the position of the Senate. It seems like a tie. At the same time, Georgia will have a run-off election in December.

Democrats should win to guarantee power in the upper chamber of Congress. The Vice President of the US can come in and cast a tie-breaking vote. This can also make the Democrats happy and satisfied. But Republicans can still take the victory home if they perform well.

Mark Kelly is a former Astronaut from the US. His wife, Gabby Giffords, was a US lawmaker herself. She even survived an assassination attempt on her. Mr. Kelly came to the forefront of US politics when he served for John McCain’s term.

Blake Masters is a fierce supporter of Donald Trump. He backed Trump on his claims during the 2020 elections and poll fraud. As seen earlier, fierce supporters of Donald Trump did not win. On the other hand, Bill Gates told everyone to calm down a little bit. Mr. Gates is a proud Republican himself.

Credits: BBC

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