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There is a lot of anticipation that the Democrats have won the US Senate. This comes amid the midterm elections held in the US this year. This did not go well with the opposition party, the Republicans. They expressed their anger as well. They also accused each other of the loss.

The critics of Donald Trump believe that it is Trump’s fault. Other Republicans believe that the midterm elections loss came due to Mitch McConnell. This means that their party itself is not strong from the inside. This can give a major boost to the morale of the Democrats. The White House also indicated that Mr. Biden would run for re-election.

There is still some uncertainty about the midterm elections. The lower chamber of Congress can still fall towards the Republicans. If this happens, it will inflict considerable damage on the plans of Joe Biden. But there is still some doubt about their final position.

Various projections project a rather interesting picture of the midterm elections. Democrats can win prominent seats in Arizona and Nevada. This also means that they can take control of the upper chamber. This is a good sign for the Democrats and Joe Biden himself.

Republicans, on the other hand, are very angry with Trump. They are accusing him of costing them the midterm election again. Larry Hogan is the famous Republican governor of Maryland. He said this is the third time he has led them to a loss. Mr. Hogan said that he is now tired of losing.

The data supports the Democrats generously. The sitting party always performs badly in the midterm elections. But this time, the Democrats’ performance as a sitting party has been exceptional. It is the best in 20 years. This data has also again pushed the morale of the Democratic party and Mr. Biden way high. Mr. Biden believes that he is the right person to continue the progress of the party.

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