US f-16 fighter jet crashes in South Korea
US f-16 fighter jet crashes in South Korea

We know that currently the fighter jets for every country are like gold dust because of the war-like situation going on in many parts of the world and we also very well know the importance of F-16 fighter jets for the US which is essentially supplying them to countries like Ukraine and Israel in its fight against their neighboring countries. However, we have a new report that states that an F-16 fighter jet crashed into the Yellow Sea off the South Korean coast and the primary reason we know right now which caused the crash is in-flight problems. It is also reported that the pilot safely ejected out of the jet before the crash.

Colonel Matthew Gaetke, said in a statement, that “an in-flight emergency over the Yellow Sea. The pilot ejected the aircraft, was later recovered and is in good condition”. “The cause of the in-flight emergency is unknown and the incident will be thoroughly investigated”. It is also worth noting that a recent crash happened off the coast of Japan as well and that prompted the US military to ground its aircraft in order to study the root cause of the crash.

Bloomberg reports that “The crash in Japan returned scrutiny to the Osprey, a tilt-rotor aircraft that can take off and land like a helicopter and fly like an airplane. Early years of setbacks and accidents — especially in 2000, when two crashes killed 23 Marines — triggered a major Pentagon review and subsequent design changes for the aircraft that served in Iraq and Afghanistan.” It is added that “the Japanese government had called for US military forces in the country to suspend use of the Osprey, which was made by a unit of Boeing Co. and the Bell Helicopter unit of Textron Inc. so that checks could be conducted”. The report further adds that “A US F-16 jet on a training mission crashed into waters off the coast of South Korea, stoking safety concerns after eight US airmen were killed last month in the crash of a V-22 Osprey aircraft near a Japanese island”. It is worth noting that the F-16 fighter jets are made by a different company.

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