Alexey Navalny
Alexey Navalny

We know for a fact that the war between Russia and Ukraine has become more intense day by day and we also know that the Ukraine President is going from one place to another in order to find support for his country in this war because while it seemed that the US would back Ukraine till the end, it does not seem to be the case anymore as the US President has blamed the US Congress for blocking the bill to give aid to Ukraine in its fight. Due to this reason, Ukraine’s President has even called his country as just a “stepping stone” for Russia which tells you that he has lost all the faith in his fight.

You might also recall a famous politician from Russia’s opposition who was Alexey Navalny and he was famously seen to be put up against the Russian President Vladimir Putin and he went to jail for that reason as well. Now, we know how Putin works and everyone was worried about his safety even in jail. It seems like that fear has turned out to be true because Navalny’s team has now said that they are unable to reach their client inside the jail. “On Friday and throughout today, neither IK-6 nor IK-7 responded to them,” adding that he has been missing for the last six days. US said “He should be released immediately. He should never have been jailed in the first place, and we’re going to work with our embassy in Moscow to see how much more we can find out,”

Spokesperson Kira Yarmysh said on Twitter/X that “The fact that we cannot find Alexey is especially alarming because last week he became ill in his cell: he became dizzy and laid down on the floor. The colony staff immediately came running, lowered the bed, laid Alexey down, and put [him] on an IV. What it was, we don’t know, but given that he was deprived of food, kept in a punishment cell without ventilation and had his walking time reduced to a minimum, it looked like a hungry faint,”

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