We know that a major summit was being held in the last few days despite the fact that as many as four countries are at war with each other right now. As they say, the show must go on and we do agree with that as well. Talking about this summit, it is particularly important as it was a climate summit named the COP 28 which stands for the 28th edition of this summit and it is also worth noting that the summit ended on a positive note because it was decided by all the members that they will transition away from fossil fuels in the years to come.

It is reported that “Government ministers representing nearly 200 countries on Wednesday agreed to a deal that calls for a transition away from fossil fuels after a previous proposal was met with heated and widespread backlash”. Also, it is to be noted that the summit’s UAE presidency wrote on social media that “With an unprecedented reference to transitioning away from all fossil fuels, The UAE Consensus is delivering a paradigm shift that has the potential to redefine our economies,”

The statement further added that “We delivered world first after world first” and also said “A global goal to triple renewables and double energy efficiency. Declarations on agriculture, food, and health. More oil and gas companies stepping up for the first time on methane and emissions. And we have language on fossil fuels in our final agreement.” COP28 summit came to public’s attention after a protestor took to the stage in order to protest against the use of fossil fuels but we are sure that she would be happy to understand that the deal has been reached to stop using fossil fuels.

The fact that this was reached in the UAE which is one of the largest exporters of fossil fuels is an even bigger achievement because we know that the Middle East’s economy runs on the use of fossil fuels. Having said that, we know that this transition will take decades to come into effect which is why countries like UAE and others seem to have agreed to it.

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