US Congress

Republicans want to regain control of the US Congress. Democrats want to protect the US Congress from the Republicans. Both of them are fighting each other. It is a political battle of the highest level. It is only seen in the United States of America.

The House of Representatives can come under a clear blow from the Republicans. The Senate’s future lies on a double-edged sword. Democrats have got an important win from Pennsylvania. They won a valuable Senate seat. Exit polls say that economy and inflation are the main concerns here.

Biden’s plans hang in the balance before the US Congress. If the Republicans win anyone, they can Biden off. That is why this is an election everyone is watching out for. Ex-President of the US, Donald Trump, can also contest for the position of president in 2024.

The Senate also saw a very close race recently. John Fetterman is a left-wing Democrat. Mehmet Oz is a celebrity doctor and a Trump-backed proud Republican. The Democrats strikingly beat the Republicans in the US state of Pennsylvania. John Fetterman is also recovering from a stroke.

Several other races for Senate are underway. We can see many close races this time. The elections for the position of state governor also took place. Republicans have a stronghold in Texas, Florida, and Georgia. Ron DeSantis won from Florida. This sets him up for a race for president in 2024. But Trump has warned him not to go for it.

Biden’s term as president has been very shaky. His popularity among the common people has gone down. But we don’t know whether this is dangerous for the Democrats. It is because the party of the president always does badly in the midterm elections.

The fate of the US Congress can go anywhere now. The common people have to decide whether they want Republicans or Democrats. The global position of the US seems better in the Democrat era than it was in the Republican era. The election can decide the future now.

Credits: BBC

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