MIAMI, March 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — EVLOMO, Inc., a Florida based company working in EV sector has plans to roll-out network of EV chargers across Thailand, through its affiliate in Thailand, EVLOMO Technologies Co. Ltd.

EVLOMO will establish wide network of charging stations, easily accessible through an integrated platform solution on mobiles using IoT & AI technology. EVLOMO aims to be the nation’s leader in public electric vehicle (EV) fast charging. EVLOMO is developing network of DC Fast Chargers, with capacities ranging upto 350 kW.

EVLOMO network of fast chargers will be compatible with all major EV models currently on the market and has partnered with Tritium and EAST Group for charging infrastructure.

EVLOMO is collaborating with PTT Oil and Retail PCL, the retail unit of Thailand’s biggest energy company, PTT PCL., to bring public ultra-fast EV chargers at PTTOR’s location across Eastern Economic Corridor, Thailand. PTTOR’s has more than 2,290 gas-stations, 3,440 coffee-shops under its Cafe Amazon brand and manages 2,040 convenience-stores.

EVLOMO will install more than 1,000 new fast chargers over the next five years, a move set to help accelerate widespread EV adoption and invest USD 50 Million. EVLOMO will add fast charging stations to cities and suburbs, unlocking new EV customer segments and providing increased charging access.

EVLOMO plans to provide AC wall box chargers for installation at home for EV drivers and work with logistics companies to establish EV charging stations at depots and hubs for rapid charging for commercial EVs.

The investment will enable Thais to discover the benefits of electric driving and support the buildup of a nationwide network of home, community and highway chargers that is convenient and reliable.

“EVLOMO will raise the bar when it comes to the high-speed charging experience needed to expedite EV revolution in Thailand,” said Nicole Wu, CEO, EVLOMO. “We are confident that increased charger availability and reduced charging times will help EVLOMO, and the industry as a whole, deliver the future-proof charging experience that customers’ needs.”

EVLOMO lauds Thai Government policy to promote EV across the board, and recent announcements by Thailand BOI which included a range of new incentives covering EVs and promoting its local production and supply chain. EVLOMO will launch first collaboration site in March 2021 and mass rollout will begin from May 2021.

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