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It is very difficult to understand Russia. Russia acts like a pendulum between its own choices. Russia can look in the West and in the East as well. In the west, we have Europe. In the east, we have Asia and other countries. But we don’t know where the heart of Russia lies. The wave of Vladimir Putin has confirmed the direction of Russia. Or maybe it has not. We don’t know. This is surprising to many experts in geopolitics. The invasion of Ukraine by Russia came as a shock. Many world leaders strongly accused Putin of his actions.

Biden and Truss call Putin a “dictator” and “rogue,” respectively. But China, like always, is running in the opposite direction. Jinping even called Putin his old and dear friend. Putin also came forward and supported their good relations. They both harbor the same ideology. They want to act as the opposition to the West.

Putin and Xi may look like best friends, but maybe they are not. Russia is weak because of the war. This can make it the ‘junior’ in the friendship between Russia-China. Russia needs the West like anything. It cannot admit that. The east cannot provide for Russia’s expectations.

The meeting of global leaders at SCO is an important opportunity for Russia. Putin is under immense pressure because of the war and sanctions. Its good relations with China can provide him with temporary relief. But it is still not enough. Putin must prove that Russia is still powerful and has good friends.

Many countries that Russia hoped would provide support are choosing another direction. The shift in the balance of power on the global stage is always wonderful to watch. India abstained from voting against Russia many times. But later, it voted in favor of Ukraine. So, anything can happen as of now.

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