nuclear weapons

The President of the USA put out a strict warning against Russia and Mr. Putin. He is showing his concerns about the war with Ukraine. He also told Russia not to use any type of chemical or tactical nuclear weapons in the war. This can disrupt the world order and bring chaos.

During an interview with CBS news, Mr. Biden expressed his view on nuclear weapons. He mentioned that the use of nuclear weapons could “change the face of the war unlike anything since WW2”. This shows that the US is against the use of nuclear weapons during wars. What an irony!

The nuclear forces of Russia were on alert as soon as the country invaded Ukraine. Putin clarified this to his defense chiefs. He said that he took this measure because the West became very aggressive. However, the US didn’t say if nuclear weapons ‘are’ used. Both countries have opposite approaches.

Nuclear weapons are a symbol of one’s security. It has a fear factor attached to it. A country having a nuclear weapon is powerful. However, the country having no nuclear weapon is not. The weapons have been in existence for about 80 years now. Russia also has the highest number of nuclear weapons.

Scott Pelley is the 60 minutes correspondent for CBS. He interviewed Mr. Biden. He asked him about his opinion on Russia using weapons of mass destruction. Mr. Biden said ‘don’t’ three times!

The correspondent then asked about his actions if Mr. Putin did something like that. He said that the actions would be consequential. If weapons get used, they will change the dynamics. The global power will shift. Then, many countries like the USA will fight to restore power.

The Ukrainian forces have also resisted all the attacks well. Russia is under pressure. The sanctions of the West are terrifying it. There is little hope from any side. In these conditions, one bad decision can change the course of the whole world.

Credits: BBC

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