Israel Gaza war
Israel Gaza war

We know that what is happening in Gaza is not good for humanity or anyone that thinks about the society as a whole but what was done by Hamas on Israel was not good either and we can see why Israel is so adamant on destroying Hamas from Gaza. But the problem is that destroying Hamas comes at a cost of destroying Gaza’s citizens as well and we know fairly well that most of the citizens in the Gaza Strip will be innocent and have nothing to do with Hamas or the war. Having said that, you must have seen that Israel cut fuel, food, water and electricity supply to Gaza which means that they are without the essential needs from almost two weeks now.

This is also a humanitarian crisis but one that is very much a double-edged sword because on one hand, we want to help the people of Gaza but that also means letting Hamas do their work as it is which will not be good for Israel and the war will prolong. Due to this complex situation, countries like US and the UK also don’t know what to do which is why they have laid support for Israel but are also helping Gaza in this crisis. Now, a new report from United Nations has revealed that Gaza’s operations aid will only last for next 24 hours as their fuel supplies have also run out.

UN’s Secretary General says, “Without fuel, aid cannot be delivered, hospitals will not have power, and drinking water cannot be purified or even pumped,”. A new report also mentions that “Doctors in overwhelmed hospitals on the brink of shutting down have repeatedly warned that waves of new patients injured in the daily bombings and babies relying on oxygen supplies will die if fuel is not brought in”. Palestinian Ministry of Health says that “Israeli airstrikes on Gaza killed more than 700 people in 24 hours, the highest daily number published since Israeli strikes against what it called Hamas targets in Gaza began two and a half weeks ago”. At the moment, we can only hope that the situation improves in Gaza but there is no solution in sight.

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