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The UN General Assembly voted to condemn the attempt of Russia to annex 4 Ukraine regions. 143 nations and 35 states have supported the resolution. The nations also include India and China as well.

Russia and 4 nations have rejected the vote. It includes Nicaragua, Syria, North Korea, and Belarus. It is very symbolic. Also, it was the maximum number of votes since the invasion of Russia.

Last week, the president of Russia, Vladimir Putting signed documents. However, the objective is to make Ukraine’s eastern regions a part of Russia. The regions include Kherson, Zaporizhzhia, Donetsk, and Luhansk.

The Moscow-installed leaders of 4 regions have signed the agreement. They came after the self-proclaimed referendums in areas denounced as a “Sham”. The West is responsible for this denouncement.

The resolutions call on the global community will not recognize any annexation claims of Russia. It demands instant reversal. It also expresses its powerful support for efforts to de-escalating the conflict via negotiation.

The nations that voted with Russia will also have a longstanding stance to criticize the Western government. Belarus is its neighbor’s satellite state. In Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine, Belarus’ territories played a role in February.

India and China attempted to stay neutral in the conflict. 19 African nations have abstained from the vote.

Several nations of Africa avoided taking sides in the war. It is also a reflection of efforts to maintain longstanding trade ties.

Uganda, Ethiopia, and Congo-Brazzaville abstained as well. However, Sergei Lavrov, the Foreign Minister of Russia, visited these states in July.

Senegal, Kenya, Ivory Coast, and Ghana voted at the UN General Assembly to condemn Russia.

Russia is isolated. However, it can stop suffering, according to Dame Barbara Woodward. Russia failed on the battlefield and at the United Nations.

Russia’s use of veto power triggered the vote in the UN General Assembly. The objective was to present action to the Security Council. The permanent members, the United Kingdom, France, the US, and China, also hold vetoes on the council.

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