massive strikes

Russian President Vladimir Putin said that there would be no massive strikes on Ukraine anymore. The heaviest bombardment took place in Ukraine right from the war’s beginning.

President Putin stated that his objective was not to destroy Ukraine. The objective of Moscow is to mobilize 3,00,000 men. In the upcoming 2 weeks, the target will complete. After 8 months after the invasion, Russian forces were in retreat, and Ukraine advanced.

According to a Russian leader, the last strikes destroyed 22 targets out of 29 Ukraine in Ukraine. And they are also going to the remaining 7.

Putin has said that there is no need for any massive strikes. And the country needs to focus on other things. The strike waves in Ukraine destroyed a bridge between annexed Crimea and Russia.

A lot of people have died, and the massive strikes have injured countless people. Also, it damaged several infrastructures. The blasts targeted Kyiv’s central areas for the 1st time from the time of the invasion.

Putin stated that Russia did not want to harm Ukraine, but he did not regret the invasion either. He also said that Russia had mobilized 2,20,000 men. And out of it, 16,000 were in combat already. So, so there was no need for extra mobilization.

It led to widespread discontent in Russia. Uncountable people are fleeing to the neighboring nations. Over 7,000 Russian personnel died in the Ukraine war. The original number of casualties is much more. Also, some reports stated the killing of mobilized troops.

Putin addressed the relationship with the former Soviet nations. He has insisted that the war did not affect their depth and character. He added that it was natural for some nations to feel concerned. However, he kept the nations informed.

Russia is all set to move towards its next objective without landing a major blow on Ukraine. However, Putin’s ultimate plan is still unknown.

Credits: BBC

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