Russia appears to have attacked Ukraine. The capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, also came under severe attacks. The reports suggest that Russia used special kamikaze drones for this attack. Iran makes these types of drones. The attacks came in waves which is a powerful tactic used by these drones.

PM of Ukraine, Denys Shmygal, also commented on these deadly air strikes by Russia. The PM said that the air strikes hit many important structures. All of them are in and around three regions. The strikes cut off the power to many regions in Ukraine.

At least 8 people have died. Out of these 8, 4 were from Sumy and another 4 from Kyiv. Iran is now on the verge of many sanctions. This comes because of the special kamikaze drones of Iran. They even sell it.

Yevhen Yenin is the Deputy Interior Minister for Ukraine. He said that Russia hit an energy-generating facility in Sumy. This strike killed four people. He also warned that Russia is targeting all the energy-generating facilities in Ukraine. It seems that Mr. Putin wants to disrupt the energy industry.

Mykolaiv is a port city. Their sunflower oil tanks got engulfed in fire due to drone strikes. The Mayor said that around three drones came and set the tanks on fire. The attack happened late on Sunday evening. Kyiv’s attacks came after Mykolaiv. Ukrainian Air Force has also destroyed 37 intruder drones, on the other hand.

Vitaliy Klitschko is the mayor of Kyiv. He came out strongly against the attacks. He said that drone strikes on Kyiv were a type of genocide against the people of Ukraine. The mayor also said that several air defense systems are on the way.

Mr. Putin directly declared that it was a revenge attack. He said that Ukraine destroyed a key bridge linking both Russia and Crimea. The attacks on Kyiv were a strong retaliation. Russia was particularly aggressive by attacking the center of Kyiv this time.

Credits: BBC

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