Russian forces

Russian forces continue to target important energy facilities in Ukraine. This led to a series of power cuts that disturbed the whole of Ukraine. The main cities had no power or water supply for a long time. The capital of Ukraine, Kyiv, was also affected.

The attacks by Russian forces led to two people losing their lives. Zhytomyr and west of Kyiv had no power or water supply. Two facilities were also damaged severely in Dnipro. These attacks happened 24 hours after Russian forces attacked Kyiv with kamikaze drones.

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, also expressed his anger on the issue. He mentioned that these attacks happened in the past week or so. They have damaged 30% of the power stations present in Ukraine. This has led to blackouts and water shortages across the country.

Russian forces are hitting power infra that is far away from the front lines. There is no confirmation whether drones helped in these attacks. Ukraine believes that Russian forces used missiles. One S-300 anti-aircraft missile also hit a building and killed one person.

Lesia Vasylenko is a Ukrainian Member of Parliament. She correctly predicted the strategy of Russian forces and their choice of attacks. Russia is attacking energy and civilian infra. There is an increase in urban warfare directed towards main cities. The UK says that the reason behind this approach is the losses of Russia on the battlefield.

Ukraine seems worried because Russian forces are using air missiles. So, they are now dependent on good air defense systems. The US, France, and the UK believe that there was a violation when Iran supplied drones. This will have its consequences.

Ukraine says that they have identified the drones used. They say that these are special kamikaze drones by Iran. Iran supplied them as well. Both Russia and Iran denied it, leading to more suspicions. The US can impose sanctions. EU is also ready to act.

Credits: BBC

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