The Kherson region of Ukraine is on the brink of an offensive. Many inhabitants of this region are clearing out their homes and leaving the city. Even officials appointed by Russia are leaving the region. A local Russian leader disclosed this information.

Vladimir Saldo told all Russian departments and ministries to cross the river. He said that 50 thousand to 60 thousand civilians would desert Kherson in a planned manner. On the other hand, Ukraine also told all the civilians to ignore this message by Russia.

The officials from Kherson said that this was a war crime. Russia wants to shift civilians and use them as human shields. Mr. Putin has also imposed martial law on some four regions of Ukraine. Kherson is one of them. However, this is illegal in many countries around the globe.

One resident from Kherson does not want to leave Kherson. The resident said that they didn’t want to get evacuated. The people of Kherson want to stay there and fight. They also want to see Kherson liberated by the Ukrainian troops.

Russian soldiers are now tense with the current situation. However, they have dropped their army uniform. They have dressed as civilians. Also, they look different and wear black. This shows that Ukraine has pushed Russians on the back foot locally.

Vladimir Saldo is the new governor supplied by Russia. He also says it is not good if residents stay in a city that can face some action. There is no surrender from anyone, he confirmed. It is just a safety measure, as per the comments made by Mr. Saldo. But we never know the reality. Many people have indeed left the region for the better.

Both the Russian and Ukrainian armies have accepted that the situation is tense. Kherson and its limited population are now under pressure. Whether they should save their lives or put themselves in danger. This war has brought the most difficult times for Ukrainians.

Credits: BBC

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